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Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

I started BabyShrink when this cute guy had just turned 2. And now look at him -- he's the "big boy" in his pre-kindergarten class.  It was easy to decide that he'll start this fall -- he's a January-born guy, so he's already 5. And as the third child of four he's been waiting to be like "the big kids" his whole life. His baby sister might be different, though -- as October-born, we may eventually decide to hold her over for the next year. We'll see. So, how do you know if kindergarten is in the cards for your 4 or 5-year old? Despite the official-sounding "readiness tests" used, there's really no sure-fire way to know.

But ask yourself if your "baby" has these skills as we move through kindergarten application season:

  • The ability to speak and be understood

  • Enthusiasm about learning

  • The ability to listen and follow directions

  • The desire to be independent, and a willingness to separate from parents

  • Playing cooperatively (much of the time). Can he handle sharing, playing, and taking turns?

  • Basic letter and number recognition

Having these skills makes it far more likely that your kiddo will be ready in the fall. And if they’re not -- that's OK too. They’ll get there!


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