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Need Parenting Advice?
Baby won’t nap?

Toddler having separation anxiety?

Preschooler potty training nightmare?

Get access 24/7 to one-on-one coaching for parents.
I’m Heather Wittenberg, Psy.D., “The BabyShrink.” I’m an expert on babies and toddlers, and I’m here to support you through your trickiest parenting challenges, with empathy, compassion,
and all the tools you’ll need to succeed. My 1:1 coaching is convenient, based on your schedule, and tailored to your specific questions and concerns.

You can message me via text or send an audio message, and I’ll respond within 12-24 hours, usually much sooner. If you prefer live coaching calls or video sessions, we can set those up too.
I offer a moneyback guarantee on my coaching services. So, join the thousands of clients who have already improved their parenting skills with me!

Parent Coaching

  • What is Dr. Heather's background?
    Dr. Heather is psychologist specializing in the development of babies, toddlers, preschoolers - and parents! As a Mom of 4 children of her own. Dr. Heather knows how hard the day-to-day reality of parenting little ones can be. That's why BabyShrink was born -- to help parents just like you to navigate these incredibly important, meaningful, and challenging times in your family's life. Dr. Heather uses widely accepted child and family developmental science to inform her practical approach to parenting. She's road-tested her advice with her own kiddos, plus thousands of families she's helped in over 25 years of practice. Dr. Heather is a published author, experienced TV and podcast guest, and has been entrusted by brands including Huggies, Pull-Ups, and The Learning Care Group to help families all over the world understand what's going on inside that cute little head.
  • Is insurance accepted?
    No. Dr. Heather provides free and paid educational and informational services via her online platform. Insurance does not cover these services.
  • Is Dr. Heather available for group presentations or brand consultations?
    Yes! Dr. Heather loves to work with groups, and specializes in child development and brand communications. Please use the contact form to discuss your group's needs and discuss topics and pricing. Presentations can be delivered via Zoom or in-person.
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