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BabyShrink with Dr Heather Wittenberg
Heather Wittenberg
Heather Wittenberg


Some days you’re a squishy mess of love and cuddles, others you’re racing to keep up with their endless adventures. 

And then there are those days (or months) when conflict rages, tantrums soar, and you realize what a stubbo… er, independent child you’ve got on your hands!

BabyShrink is all about my mission to serve parents and children by dialing up the fun, and trimming down the stress that ALL of us experience in day-to-day life together!

Meet Dr. Heather

Psychologist and Mom of four

BabyShrink with Dr Heather Wittenberg

As a psychologist working with very young children and their parents — and as a mother of four kiddos of my own — I know that understanding and responding to each child’s unique personality is an ESSENTIAL and often UNRECOGNIZED ingredient in successful parenting. 

At BabyShrink, I take science-y stuff and translate it for real people to understand and use! Those of you who like to geek out on the scientific stuff with me will be happy to hear that all of my advice is based on COMMONLY ACCEPTED child development research.

“Working with Dr. Heather has been a game-changer. With her expertise and the fact that she's a parent of four herself, she totally gets the dynamics of a busy house with little kids. She makes parenting fun and comes up with practical, effective solutions."

- Jamal S.

"We can't thank Dr. Heather enough for her guidance. As a parent of four, she brings so much practical experience. She’s an expert, and she cares. She helped me see that my toddler is actually a “Tornado” who responds way better to me with some simple, practical parenting tips.”

- Mandy B.

"We can't thank Dr. Heather enough for her support during the toddler years, especially when it came to potty training. She combines her wealth of knowledge with a fun and approachable style, making the process smoother for all of us. I recommend her to all my friends!"

- Sophia T.

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